Type of Elections in US

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There are different types of elections in the United States of America, mainly can be classified in to two types they are National Level Elections and Local Elections. The National Level Elections include the Presidential Elections, Senate Elections, House of Representatives Elections, Governor Elections, and the local elections include the elections for City and County to the Government Positions like Mayor, Sheriff.

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  • Presidential Elections
  • Senate Elections
  • House of Representatives Elections
  • Governor Elections
  • Mayor Elections
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Federal Elections:

In the US, Federal Elections include the Presidential Elections, Senate Elections, House of Representatives Elections, Governor Elections.

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Presidential Elections:

Presidential Elections include electing the President as well as Vice President. The Citizens of US indirectly elect the President and Vice- President of US. The US Electorate cast their vote to the Electoral College in the Presidential Elections. The President and the Vice-President are elected by the Electoral College. The President of the US serves a four year term whereas the Vice President too. The Presidential Elections in the US will be held once in every four years. The last Presidential Election was held on 8th November 2016 so next Presidential Election will be held on 3rd November 2020.

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Congressional Elections:

The US Congress has two houses, one is represented by the Senators and the second one is represented by the House of Representatives.

Senate Elections:

The US Senate has 100 seats two senate seats for each State, the US Senator term will be for 6 years.  These 100 seats are classified in to three classes. In the US Senate elections will be held once in two years, in each senate Election one Class goes for elections.

House of Representatives Elections:

The US House of Representatives have 435 members; the term of the US House of Representative Member is 2 years. The House of Representatives Elections will be held once every two years. The Elections will be held on first Tuesday after 1st November during the even years.

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Governor Elections:

Each State and permanent Territories of US will have a Governor and the Governor will be Commander in chief and Chief Executive of that State. In five states there are Lieutenant Governors.

Local Elections:

The US local elections include County Elections, Mayor Elections, and City Elections.

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