Tamil Nadu Lok Sabha Elections Date & Schedule 2019

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The Indian Election Commission has declared the General Elections schedule for the year 2019 today i.e. on 10/3/2019. According to the schedule the elections are to be held in seven phases for the 543 Lok Sabha Constituencies. The first Phase of Lok Sabha General Elections will be held on 11th April 2019 while the last Phase of General Elections will be held on 19th May 2019. The General Elections results will be announced on 23rd May 2019.

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The Indian Parliament elections will be held once in 5 years because the Parliament term in India will be for 5 years. The 16th Parliament term will be completed by the March so the Election Commission of India released the Lok Sabha Election Schedule for the 17th Parliament. There are 545 MP seats in Indian Parliament out of these 545 Lok Sabha Constituencies 543 are elected by the eligible voters of India and the remaining 2 Lok Sabha seats are nominated by the President of India.

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2019 Lok Sabha Elections Highlights:

  • Parliament Elections will be held in seven phases in all the 29 states and 7 Union Territories.
  • Parliament elections 2019 polling starts from 11th April to 19th May 2019.
  • Lok Sabha General Elections will be held for all the 543 Constituencies.
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Tamil Nadu Lok Sabha Elections Date & Schedule:

S.NO Election Event Election event Date Election Event Day
1 Election Notification 19th March 2019 Tuesday
2 Nominations of Candidates starts on 19th March 2019 Tuesday
3 Last Date for Nominations of Candidates 26th March 2019 Tuesday
4 Scrutiny of Nominations 27th March 2019 Wednesday
5 Last Date for withdrawing the Nominations 29th March 2019 Friday
6 Voting Day 18th April 2019 Thursday
7 Counting of Votes Starts on 23rd May 2019 Thursday
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Lok Sabha Constituencies of Tamil Nadu

Being the Sixth biggest State in India in terms of population the Tamil Nadu State has 39 Lok Sabha Constituencies, in the 39 Constituencies 7 Lok Sabha Constituencies are reserved for scheduled castes and the remaining 32 Lok Sabha Constituencies are in general category. In the 2014 General elections for 16th Lok Sabha, the AIADMK party won 37 seats out of 39 seats whereas the PMK and the BJP Parties shared 1 seat each.

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Tamil Nadu State consists of 39 Lok Sabha Constituencies and 234 Assembly Constituencies. In the 2014 General Elections for the 16th Lok Sabha, the AIADMK party won 37 Lok Sabha Constituencies out of 39 Constituencies. Coming to the General Elections for the Legislative Assembly which was held in the year 2016 AIADMK won 136 seats with its allies and formed the Government in Tamil Nadu State. J. Jayalalitha became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

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Major Political Parties in Tamil Nadu from 1951:

Indian National Congress (INC)

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK)

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK)

Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK)    

Communist Party of India (CPI)

Communist Party of India Marxist (CPIM)

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

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Tamil Nadu General Elections Results from 1951 to 2014:

1951 General Elections for the First Lok Sabha –                 Indian National Congress

1957 General Elections for the Second Lok Sabha-Indian National Congress

1962 General Elections for the Third Lok Sabha-                Indian National Congress

1967 General Elections for the Fourth Lok Sabha- United Front (DMK/SWA/CPM/ML)

1971 General Elections for the Fifth Lok Sabha- Congress Alliance (DMK/INC/CPI/FBL/ML)

1977 General Elections for the Sixth Lok Sabha-                Congress Alliance (ADMK/INC/CPI) 34/39

1980 General Elections for the Seventh Lok Sabha- Congress Alliance (DMK/INC/ML) – 37/39

1984 General Elections for the Eighth Lok Sabha-Congress Alliance (ADMK/INC) – 37/39

1989 General Elections for the Ninth Lok Sabha-Congress Alliance (ADMK/INC) – 38/39

1991 General Elections for the Tenth Lok Sabha-Congress Alliance (ADMK/INC) – 39/39 seats

1996 General Elections for the Eleventh Lok Sabha- United Front (DMK/TMC/CPI) – 39/39 seats

1998 General Elections for the Twelfth Lok Sabha-NDA (ADMK/BJP/PMK/MDMK/JP/TRC) – 30/39

1999 General Elections for the Thirteenth Lok Sabha- NDA (DMK/BJP/PMK/MDMK/MADMK) – 26/39 seats

2004 General Elections for the Fourteenth Lok Sabha-UPA (DMK/INC/PMK/MDMK/CPI/CPM) – 39/39

2009 General Elections for the Fifteenth Lok Sabha- UPA (DMK/INC/VCK) 27/39

2014 General Elections for the Sixteenth Lok Sabha – AIADMK – 37/39

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Total Number of Lok Sabha Constituencies in Tamil Nadu are 39

No.             Constituency               Reserved for(SC/ST/None)
1                    Thiruvallur                                     SC
2                    Chennai North                            None
3                    Chennai South                            None
4                    Chennai Central                         None
5                    Sriperumbudur                          None
6                    Kancheepuram                              SC
7                    Arakkonam                                 None
8                    Vellore                                          None
9                    Krishnagiri                                  None
10                  Dharmapuri                                None
11                  Tiruvannamalai                         None
12                  Arani                                             None
13                  Villupuram                                     SC
14                  Kallakurichi                                 None
15                  Salem                                             None
16                  Namakkal                                      None
17                  Erode                                              None
18                  Tiruppur                                        None
19                  Nilgiris                                               SC
20                  Coimbatore                                   None
21                  Pollachi                                          None
22                  Dindigul                                         None
23                  Karur                                              None
24                  Tiruchirappalli                             None
25                  Perambalur                                   None
26                  Cuddalore                                      None
27                  Chidambaram                                  SC
28                  Mayiladuturai                               None
29                  Nagapattinam                                  SC
30                  Thanjavur                                      None
31                  Sivaganga                                      None
32                  Madurai                                         None
33                  Theni                                              None
34                  Virudhunagar                               None
35                  Ramanathapuram                        None
36                  Thoothukudi                                  None
37                  Tenkasi                                               SC
38                  Tirunelveli                                      None
39                  Kanyakumari                                 None

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Sixteenth Lok Sabha Tamil Nadu Members List:

1 Arakkonam Hari,Shri G. AIADMK
2 Arani V.,Shri Elumalai AIADMK
3 Chennai Central S.R.,Shri Vijayakumar AIADMK
4 Chennai North Venkatesh Babu,Shri T.G. AIADMK
5 Chennai South Jayavardhan,Dr. Jayakumar AIADMK
6 Chidambaram(SC) Chandrakasi,Shri M. AIADMK
7 Coimbatore P.,Shri Nagarajan AIADMK
8 Cuddalore Arunmozhithevan, Shri A. AIADMK
9 Dharmapuri Ramadoss,Dr. Anbumani PMK
10 Dindigul Udhayakumar,Shri M. AIADMK
11 Erode Selvakumarachinnayan,Shri S. AIADMK
12 Kallakurichi Kamaraj,Dr. K. AIADMK
13 Kancheepuram(SC) Maragatham,Smt. K. AIADMK
14 Kanniyakumari Radhakrishnan,Shri Pon BJP
15 Karur Thambi Durai,Dr. M. AIADMK
16 Krishnagiri Ashokkumar, Shri K. AIADMK
17 Madurai Gopalakrishnan,Shri R. AIADMK
18 Mayiladuthurai Bharathimohan,Shri R.K. AIADMK
19 Nagapattinam(SC) Gopal,Dr. K. AIADMK
20 Namakkal Sundaram,Shri P.R. AIADMK
21 Nilgiris(SC) Chinnaraj,Shri Gopalakrishnan AIADMK
22 Perambalur Marutharajaa,Shri R.P. AIADMK
23 Pollachi Mahendran,Shri C. AIADMK
24 Ramanathapuram Raajhaa,Shri A. Anwhar AIADMK
25 Salem Selvam,Shri V. Panneer AIADMK
26 Sivaganga Senthilnathan,Shri P.R. AIADMK
27 Sriperumbudur Ramachandran,Shri Krishnan Narayanasamy AIADMK
28 Tenkasi(SC) M.,Smt. Vasanthi AIADMK
29 Thanjavur K.,Shri Parasuraman AIADMK
30 Theni Parthipan,Shri R. AIADMK
31 Thoothukkudi Natterjee,Advocate Jayasingh Thiyagaraj AIADMK
32 Tiruchirappalli Kumar,Shri P. AIADMK
33 Tirunelveli Prabakaran,Shri K.R.P. AIADMK
34 Tiruppur Sathyabama,Smt. V. AIADMK
35 Tiruvallur(SC) Venugopal,Dr. Ponnusamy AIADMK
36 Tiruvannamalai Vanaroja,Smt. R. AIADMK
37 Vellore Senguttuvan,Shri B. AIADMK
38 Viluppuram(SC) Rajendran,Shri S. AIADMK
39 Virudhunagar Radhakrishnan,Shri T. AIADMK

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